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Vegueros cuban cigars online for sale

The Fransico Donatièn Factory in Pinar del Rio was originally a prison , later on it turned into a cigar factory. In 1961, The factory began producing for domestic consumption, banquets and public activities. These cigars were popularly known as "Vegueros". Vegueros are the people who tend to the tobacco fields.

Vegueros CentroFinos


Vegueros CentroFinos (4x4 Packs)


Vegueros Entretiempos


Vegueros Entretiempos (4x4 Packs)


Vegueros Especiales No.1


Vegueros Especiales No.2


Vegueros Mananitas


Vegueros Mananitas (4x4 Packs)


Vegueros Tapados


Vegueros Tapados (4x4 Packs)

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