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Rafael Gonzalez Cigars

Rafael Gonzalez cuban cigars online for sale

Founded in the 1930’s. This brand is well-known to serious Aficianodas. Once one examines the Gonzalez box , the following statement can still be found: “These cigars have been manufactured from a secret blend of pure Vuelta Abajo tobaccos selected by the Márquez Rafael González, Grande of Spain.“

Rafael Gonzalez 88 Asia Regional Production 2016


Rafael Gonzalez Coronas Extra


Rafael Gonzalez North Star Nordico-Baltico Regional Edition 2017


Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra


Rafael Gonzalez Perlas


Rafael Gonzalez Perlas (5x5 Packs)


Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas


Rafael Gonzalez Petit Piramides Alemania Regional Edition 2013

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