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Juan Lopez Cigars

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This brand was founded in 1870s by a spanish businessman named Juan Lopez Diaz. Produced in very small quantities. The full range is totally  hand made and  it leaves a woody taste on the palate. These Cuban cigars would be a good choice for those that are looking for a medium strength and a woody aftertaste. 

Juan Lopez Chiado 1864 Portugal Regional Edition 2014


Juan Lopez Don Juan Benelux Regional Edition 2014


Juan Lopez Eminentes Swiss Regional Edition 2016


Juan Lopez Minutos French Regional Edition 2013


Juan Lopez Petit Coronas


Juan Lopez Punto 55 French Regional Edition 2018


Juan Lopez Seleccion Especial (LCDH)


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 (Cab of 50)


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.3 Benelux Regional Edition 2010


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.4 Asia Pasific Regional Edition 2010


Juan Lopez Seleccion Superba UK Regional Edition 2016

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