We are able to ship limited numbers of countries because of Covid-19 and all shipments are subject to delay.
Chinese customers can Pre-order.
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Covid-19 Shipments are Delayed

by Hit Cigars on July 07, 2020

Announcement to whole HitCigars family;

***All delivery periods during Covid-19 pandemic are not subject to regular international delivery times we declared. All shipments are delivered with delays during this period. Tracking status is decided by the Postal Service in the destination country.
HitCigars are not quoting a delivery time during Covid-19 period.
Please note that all orders are under delivery guarantee of HitCigars.com

Please consider this information when placing your orders.

***Currently due to Covid-19, Postal Service is accepting limited number of shipments (15 shipments in a day). Shipments will be started 13rd July 2020.
Because of this, our dispatching time extended a bit compared to regular shipping period.

***If shipment procedures changed by Serbian Postal Service we will be informing all customers and orders will shipped in a few days.

You can always request Refund or you can wait until your order is shipped.


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